Released on vinyl, cd and digital via Subtext Recordings

"With the scope of modern composition, the ferocity of metal, and the starkness of electronic music at its bleakest, Paul Jebanasam’s debut full-length on his own Subtext imprint is a savage and intimidating creature.  This awe-inspiring presence is only superseded by the deft, mult-dimensional compositions that make up “Rites.”  Though rooted in the language of electronic music, the difference between this album and those usually tagged with that genre is a vast chasm in both vision and execution as “Rites” is more akin to Ben Frost’s “Theory of Machines” or Deaf Center’s “Owl Splinters.”  The highpoints are many - from the string-imbued “Rites III” to the static-drenched epic “Rites IV” - but Jebanasam’s best moment is the album’s second track.  ”Rites II” is a menacing thriller of a song that roils to a blistering peak of distortion blasts and throbbing sub-bass and leaves the listener battered and wanting more.  As a debut, “Rites” is beyond impressive."             - Experimedia

Viola Tracks 3 & 5 - Phil Owen
Double Bass Track 3 - Joe Allen
Guitars Track 4 - Deej Dhariwal
Additional mixing - James Ginzburg

All tracks written and produced by Paul Jebanasam
Published by Multiverse Media Publishing
Manufactured and distributed by Cargo Records
Design by Alex Digard
Mastered at Multiverse
Additional Mastering by Matt Sampson

In Memory of Noel R. Jebanasam